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If neglected, an active wasp nest can lead to a lot of trouble, ranging from causing you a life-threatening allergic reaction to completely destroying the structural integrity of your property. So, if you know that you have a wasp nest on your property or suspect that there may be one - don't wait until it's too late.

Tips on Staying Safe Around an Active Wasp Nest

Staying safe with an active wasp nest on your property can be quite tricky, especially if it's situated in close proximity to an area that you regularly walk past. Our first and best bit of advice would be to stay as far away from the nest and the wasps as possible. This is because some vespula vulgaris (also known as the common wasp) species attack without feeling threatened.

We know that keeping your distance isn't always possible, so if that's the case for you, we advise you to go to your local supermarket and find the strongest insect-repellent spray you can find. We also recommend that you wear thick and long-sleeve clothing when possible. That way, wasps will have a more difficult time stinging you.

How Our Professional Pest Control Services Work

We take great pride in the fact that our pest control services are 100% humane and safe for everyone involved, including your pets and other insects that live on your property such as bees. The reason for that is because rather than using harmful chemicals, we rely on our hands and tools to remove the nest and its inhabitants.

The exact process will vary from nest to nest, as some wasps nest out in the open, while others nest underground or even in your attic space or cavity wall. Following our initial inspection, our wasp removal specialists on the day will be able to give you a better idea of the exact steps they plan on taking.

Why Choose Us For Your Wasp Nest Removal?

When trying to decide on a wasp removal specialist, it's important to go for someone with plenty of experience and who has a great reputation in the local community. While we can't speak for anyone else, below, we'll go over some of the benefits of our service that our customers in Waverley get to enjoy:

  • Fast, safe, and reliable service
  • We guarantee to remove the wasp nest during our first visit
  • We don't use any chemicals or harmful pesticides
  • Our wasp nest removal approach is 100% humane
  • Years of experience in dealing with all cases of wasp nests
  • We provide effective wasp nest removal for both residential & commercial properties
  • Guidance on dealing with wasps and preventing them from nesting in the area again

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Wasp Nest Removal Waverley FAQs

No, you don't. Please refrain from clearing up near the site where the wasp nest is as some species are very aggressive and may attack you without feeling threatened. On the day of your appointment, our pest control specialists will take care of everything to successfully remove the wasp nest and all the flying insects that inhabit it.

Absolutely. Our pest technicians have all the tools and experience to locate the wasp nest before removing it. If you suspect or know that there is a wasp nest but don't know where it is, we advise that you don't go looking for it as the last thing we want is for you to get attacked by wasps and get stung multiple times.

When choosing a place to nest, wasps look for a place that is safe from predators and the harsh and unpredictable weather conditions of the UK. Aside from shelter, wasps also choose to nest in areas that offer an abundance of resources such as wood, food, and water. Knowing what wasps look for in a place to nest, there are steps you can take to make your property less desirable, including:

  • Sealing all gaps on the exterior of your property
  • Stop leaving rubbish and food in easily accessible places for long periods of time
  • Place dummy wasp nests around your residential or commercial premises