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The average food business in the United Kingdom is always at risk of being infested with moths and stored product insects. If these little creatures find their way to a food source, you could have a hard time getting rid of them, primarily because they vary in shape, size, and biological characteristics.

If you suspect that your business is infested with moths and other stored product pests, don't neglect the issue as it can cost you more than you expect in the near future.

Risks of a Moth and Stored Product Insects Infestation

Moths and stored product insects are renowned for causing havoc in a surprisingly short amount of time, hence why immediate action is necessary. If you let adult insects remain active without intervention for weeks or even a couple of days, you could be putting your business at risk. Some of the risks of neglecting an issue with these pests include the following:

  • Food contamination: If these insects gain access to food, the food can quickly get contaminated with larvae, and insect eggs.

  • Food waste: If food contamination has taken place, the food will no longer be suitable for human consumption, meaning you'll have to dispose of it.

  • Property and product damage: Insects of this kind are renowned for damaging almost everything that stands in their way, including containers and food packaging. Unmoved furniture, clothes and carpets are all susceptible to being attacked with the common signs being a “web” like formulation created by the larvae

  • Reputation damage: If your customers found that the goods you provide are distributing products you supply with infested materials that affect the supply chain, that can be enough to tarnish your reputation

  • Regulatory violations: Violating health, safety, and hygiene rules and regulations can lead to sanctions with local regulators, especially if you're in the food business.

About Our Moths and Stored Product Insects Removal Service

Over the years, we've successfully removed millions of insects from our customer's properties and helped them permanently resolve the issue moving forward. On the day of your appointment, our team of specialists will arrive, and thoroughly inspect your property.

That way, they will have an idea of the level of infestation they are dealing with and what the best course of action is. Once the initial inspection is conducted, they will get to work eradicating this pest at all life stages. Once your property has been treated against these insects, our team will let you know exactly what has happened, and what you can do to prevent these insects from coming back.

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Moth Pest Control FAQs

Stored product pests are a selection of insects that feed on bird seed & grains, processed foods such as dry pet food, nuts, spices, and dried fruits. With that said, they have a pretty big appetite for any other type of packaged food. The most common stored product pests in the United Kingdom include mites, the Indian meal moth, rice weevils, and flour beetles.

SPI (stored product insects) are mostly attracted to food residue, moisture, warm temperature, and light. In other words, chances are that you or your staff (if you are running a business) could unknowingly be at fault for attracting these insects to your property in the first place. Fortunately, if you know what attracted these insects, preventing them from coming back after our treatment would be pretty straightforward.

There are many steps you can take to prevent stored product pests from ever finding interest in your property. We advise that you take the five following steps to effectively prevent SPIs from coming back following our pest treatment service.

  • Store food products properly: We recommend that you store away all food in tightly sealed containers made out of thick plastic, metal, or glass. That way, pests won't be able to find their way through.

  • Clean your premises regularly: Maintaining a sound level of hygiene will make the environment for moths and stored product pests unpleasant.

  • Control the temperature: Moths and SPIs thrive in a humid environment, so keep your storage room cool and dry at all times.

  • Inspect your food stored products regularly: Thoroughly inspect all food, whether it's dry dog food, dried fruit, or powdered milk for signs of infestation.

  • Implement a good integrated pest management plan pest control: Either use insect traps to control the pest population or arrange follow-up visits with our specialists to keep your business in check.