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Flies are not only unsightly and annoying, but they can also transmit pathogens. As a result, when there is a large fly population on your premises, cross-contamination becomes a serious issue, especially if you are a business dealing with food.

Dangers of Fly Infestation for the Commercial Sector

Unless your business is in the food and beverage industry, there is little danger of a fly infestation. At most, a large number of flies around can just be a mere nuisance. With that said, if you run a restaurant, café, a butcher shop, or any other type of business that deals with consumables, and have a problem with indoor fly infestations, that's something you need to take care of as a priority.

If the issue is neglected and your facility doesn't undergo a professional fly control treatment soon, you will expose not only your staff but customers to a range of health risks. In the UK specifically, flies carry diseases such as Typhoid, Salmonella, and E. coli.

Besides the health aspect, customers will be put off from doing business with you if they see flies near the food they want to buy. This could severely damage your reputation, and impact revenue.

What's more, if your business goes through an inspection, and a fly infestation is found (or clear signs of one), you may receive a low hygiene rating, get a fine, or even have your business shut down permanently.

At Trifecta Pest Solutions we have the solution to mitigate this risk and keep your business compliant. Below, you can read more about our fly infestation removal process and how we can help your business thrive.

Our Fly Infestation Removal Process

Depending on the species, an infestation of flies can stem from something as small as a housekeeping issue or could be indicative of a larger problem in need of investigation from a professional pest controller.

Over the years, our fly extermination specialists have helped many of clients get rid of flies for good. Whether you have an issue with a small or a large colony of flies, indoors or outdoors, our fly removal service can provide a long term solution to your fly problem.

On the day of your appointment, a pest control professional from our team will turn up to your address with all the necessary gear to treat the area and establish fly control. Then, your fly removal specialist will:

  • Thoroughly examine your case of fly problem

  • Draw out an effective plan of action

  • Use the most effective "knock down" methods to quickly eradicate your fly problem

Once the treatment is completed, you will be brought up to speed with what has happened, and what you should do to prevent flies from coming back in the future. If your issue with flies requires more than one visit, you can also take advantage of our fly control treatment program along with a range of additional products that are available to offer long term, 24/7 fly control.

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Fly Pest Control FAQs

Where there is food and food waste, flies will be attracted. If the issue is ignored, they will not only start to lay eggs but the environment will further attract flies and other flying insects, making the issue worse than it was. And while you can set homemade fly traps, use apple cider vinegar, buy electronic fly killers, when dealing with a large colony of flying insects, there is little you can do to repel flies on your own.

That's why taking advantage of a quality pest control service provider is essential in helping you deter flies and keep the fly population around in control. Our service, for example, deals with flies by exterminating existing adult flies, their breeding sites, and the eggs they've laid. As a result, the risk of fly infestation in the future is minimised.

The UK is home to a variety of fly species. Some of the most common flies include:

  • Fruit flies

  • Cluster flies

  • House flies

  • Bluebottle flies

  • Drain flies

Some flies are far more nasty than others. For example, the typical drain fly thrives in sewers and decaying organic matter while a fruit fly will mostly stick to fruits and vegetables. Either way, they all pose a health risk, especially when out of control.

Yes, treating your property for flies is safe for both children and pets. With that said, during the treatment process, we advise that everyone leaves the area until the insecticide dries up. Once it's dried up, it's only dangerous to the flies that have been bothering you for a while.

Please note that the treatment often leaves a strong odour, which goes away after a few hours. Though it might be unpleasant, it is totally safe to be inside until the odour goes away for good.