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Our Three Missions

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1) Exclusion:

Pests are excluded from our client's premises in a number of ways from physical proofing, to addressing environmental factors and housekeeping issues.

2) Eradication:

We use a number of humane and efficient methods to eradicate pests from our client's premises such as traps, lures, baits and live removal techniques to quickly get control of the pest problem.

3) Monitoring

Once our client's pest problems are solved, we implement a tailored, scheduled monitoring program for early detection of evidence that we can quickly act on to prevent re-infestation occurring. This keeps our clients safe, compliant, informed and most importantly pest free.

The Legislation

Many customers will try DIY products to combat a pest infestation before calling a professional pest controller. However, most are unaware that pest control legislation has been written in law for over 70 years. It is important to know the things you can do to control pests (insects or animals causing harm or nuisance) on your property as you can be fined or imprisoned if you cause unnecessary harm to any animal.

There are many methods that are prohibited for the control of pests so this law allows only permitted animals to be controlled using authorised methods with licensed products approved for the pest in question.

The pieces of legislation that are particularly relevant to commercial customers are:

The Prevention of Damage by Pest Act 1949
This Act gives suitably authorised people (the Local Authorities) the right to inspect any premises and as a building/ business owner you are required to keep your property pest free; failure to do so may lead to legal action, forced business closure.
The Food Safety Act 1990
This Act is in place to satisfy Legal Compliance for Food Safety in Kitchen and food preparation areas. The law requires that all food premises are designed to prevent pest access and where necessary proofing is provided to prevent a risk of infestation and/or contamination and must have pest control in place or face the possibility of prosecution.

Procuring the services of a professional and competent pest control company such as Trifecta Pest Solutions limited will close that liability exposure through our documented service, keep you compliant ensure pests do not affect the running of your business.

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