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Bed bugs are nasty insects that feed on the blood of their host (you) and are most active during the night as they are attracted to the CO2 and body heat that is emitted when the host is at their deepest sleep.

Due to their small size (5mm) and rapid rate of reproduction, getting rid of them is very challenging. Fortunately, there are bed bug removal service providers like us that can solve your bed bugs problem once and for all.

Adult Bed Bugs Should Only Be Removed By a Bed Bugs Specialist

If you find bed bugs in your home, but don't have prior experience dealing with them, get hold of pest control professionals who can handle the bed bug problem on your behalf. Bed bugs hide in places you couldn't even imagine. Some common places include your bed frame, mattress, closet. Less common hiding places include gaps in the wall and cracks in the paint of the wall or beneath loose wallpaper and even plug sockets

And while you may succeed in removing some of them by using a non toxic solution, you will struggle to fully cleanse the infested room. As a result of that, sooner or later, the bed bug issue will reappear, and you'll need to deal with them again and again and again.

Dangers of Bed Bug Infestation

Unlike some insects, bed bugs don't transmit diseases. With that said, they can cause plenty of harm in a few ways. Below, we'll outline some of the dangers of living in a room infested with bed bugs.

  • Allergic reactions & infections: If you're allergic to bed bugs, a single bed bug bite can cause an allergic reaction, which can lead to itching, redness, and swelling. In some cases, your skin may even get infected.

  • Social stigma: Many people believe bed bug infestation is a sign of poor hygiene. That's not the case at all.

  • Financial losses: Professional treatments against bed bugs and replacing furniture and clothing infested with bed bugs can add up quickly.

How We Kill Bed Bugs - A Service With 100% Efficacy

To get rid of bed bugs, the specialists providing your pest control service will use their knowledge, expertise, and all the right tools and techniques to locate the source of the problem in the affected area. Depending on your case, our specialists may use one of two popular treatment methods, including chemical and heat treatments.

A full investigation, creation of a bespoke treatment plan and a joint approach between customer and your Trifecta pest controller are essential to treating this problem so you can expect tailored job preparation instructions, clear communication and continuity of service delivery personnel along with post treatment recommendations.

Once the treatment is complete, the specialist will let you know what was done, when you can start using the room again, and what you can do to prevent bed bugs from coming back in the future.

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Bed Bug Treatment & Control FAQs

That would depend on the type of treatment used against your bed bugs. If heat treatment was used, you can return and use your room as you normally would right away. However, if chemicals were used, you have to wait for a few hours until the room is fully ventilated and the chemical is dried up.

There are many steps you can take to prevent these nasty insects from ever finding their way around to your home in the future. We recommend that you:

  • Vacuum your home regularly, and especially in tight areas and corners where bed bugs may be hiding

  • Purchase a bug-proof cover and enclose your mattress and box springs in

  • Minimise the amount of clutter around your home. That way, the bed bugs will have nowhere to hide

  • If you travel often, inspect the beds in the hotel rooms you stay at before you lay. Also, avoid leaving your luggage on the floor, so bed bugs don't find their way inside

  • Check your bed frames, mattress, dresser drawers, and other areas where bed bugs can be commonly found on a regular basis

If you suspect there may be bed bugs in your home, wash all of your clothing and bedding on the hottest setting. That will quickly and effectively get rid of all existing and newly hatched bed bugs.

Yes, killing bed bugs using a DIY solution is possible, but it's an extremely time consuming process and isn't always going to be successful. This is especially relevant if this is the first time you have to deal with and kill bugs of this nature.

Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to eliminate but we offer an extensive range of treatments to eradicate this unpleasant pest from simple insecticide treatments to intensive steam and heat treatments for more established infestations. For a sympathetic approach and thorough solution to this pest problem contact a member of our team.