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Initially, wasps nesting on your property might be a mere nuisance, but the second they attack or sting you, that quickly changes. That's why if you have a wasp nest on your property, it's essential that you get it removed sooner rather than later.

Problems Wasp Nests Cause & Why We Control Them

Unless you're a farmer in Tunbridge Wells, out-of-control wasps' nests will do more harm than good, which is why the majority of our customers choose to have them removed. General nuisance aside, a wasps infestation can also lead to:

  • Painful stings
  • Contaminated food
  • An increase in the risk of anaphylaxis in people allergic to wasp stings
  • Ecological impact
  • Loss of customers and revenue if you run a business

How to Tell if There’s a Wasp Nest on My Property

If you can't see the wasp nest in its entirety, it can be quite tricky to tell if you have a wasp nest on your property and if you should seek the help of a wasp control specialist. With that said, wasps give away plenty of clues that can help you determine if you have a wasp problem.

Before we tell you what signs to look out for, please don't go out looking and try to find the nest on your own, especially if you have no protective clothing or experience dealing with wasps. Aside from that, some of the most common signs that will indicate you have a wasp nest nearby include:

  • A continuous buzzing sound that comes from a single location (such as in your attic, a place in the wall, or underground).
  • Obvious deformation in wood elements in your property (such as door frames that the wasps have chewed away)
  • An unusually high number of wasps flying around

How Our Wasp Control Service Works

Our wasp nest removal service is delivered in a way that is both safe for the property owner and humane for the wasps that are about to be removed. Our approach to resolving your wasp nest problem will vary depending on the species of wasps you're dealing with and where they have decided to nest on your property.

On the day of your appointment, our team will turn up with all of the protective clothing and gear they need to safely and humanely remove the nest along with all the wasps that inhabit it. Upon locating the nest and identifying the species that live in it, our team will be able to give you a better idea of the approach they will use to solve your wasp problem.

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Don't wait until you get stung. Contact us today and we'll remove the wasp nest along with all the wasps from your property.

Wasp Nest Removal Tunbridge Wells FAQs

Yes, every member of our team for wasp nest removal in Tunbridge has been fully trained to effectively and safely remove wasp nests. Alongside training, our staff also have plenty of experience and have dealt with a large variety of cases regarding wasp infestations.

Our professional service does not make use of any chemicals or substances that can cause danger to people or animals in the area. Our pest control experts will safely remove the wasp nest and the wasps using the most suitable technique and equipment depending on the size, location, and species of wasps that live in the nest.

For example, if the wasps' nest is located underground, we will hoover up the wasps as they exit the nest before we remove the nest itself. If the wasp nest is located on a tree branch, we will put it in a large mesh bag and catch all of the wasps flying around using a fish net. Our team will let you know the steps they will take to solve your pest problem on the day.

No, you don't need to do anything before our wasp nest removal team arrives on your property to deliver the service. Though knowing where the wasp nest is located would be of help, if you aren't 100% sure, please don't try to locate it yourself. Our team has all the experience, protective clothing, and equipment to locate it in a timely and safe manner.