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Whether you're a residential property owner or a business dealing with a wasp infestation, it's never a fun experience and should be addressed right away. The last thing you want is to get attacked and stung by wasps while minding your own business on your own property. Fortunately, you don't need to neglect the wasp nest or deal with it on your own. As part of our service, we offer nest removal in Dartford and the surrounding area, so we're just a phone call away from resolving your wasp problem for good.

Dangers of Neglecting a Growing Wasp Nest

Failing to remove wasp nests during their early stages only means one thing - the nests will continue to grow and so will the number of wasps you'll eventually need to deal with. As a result of that, the degree of trouble the wasps will likely start to cause you will grow incrementally. Some of the biggest problems wasps can cause you include:

  • Structural damage to property: When building their nest, worker wasps are tasked to find material, and one particular material they look for is wood. If the colony has decided to nest inside or nearby your property, don't be surprised if they start to chew away the wooden part of the structure of your property.
  • Increase health risk: Wasp stings are extremely painful and can lead to redness, itchiness, and swelling. If you, your family, pets, or customers are allergic to wasps, a sting can lead to a life-threatening allergic reaction called anaphylaxis.
  • Swarm attacks: Out of the seven different types of wasp species in the UK, the tree wasp Dolichovespula Sylvestris is most renowned for its aggression. If you're dealing with this species, expect regular swarm attacks (provoked or unprovoked).
  • Disruption of business: If you're a business serving customers, a wasp nest nearby can really impact your day-to-day operations and the revenue you end up generating.

Signs to Look for That Indicate There's a Wasp Nest Nearby

Unlike other insects, determining if you have a wasp nest inside or around your property is fairly easy. The most obvious sign is if you see a large oval build that looks like layers of brown paper stacked on top of each other.

With that said, in some cases, the nest isn't going to be visible, and we don't recommend going out to look for it. This is because wasps can also nest inside attics, bushes, walls, and even underground. What we would recommend instead is to look for the following signs:

  • Buzzing sounds coming from one place
  • Chewed away wood (such as that of your property's structure)
  • An abnormally high population of wasps around

How Our Wasp Control Service Works

Prior to delivering our wasp removal service, our team will locate the exact location of the nest and identify the type of wasp species that live in it. This is important because every nest type and species will be approached differently. For example, wasps that nest inside the wall of your property are much trickier to remove compared to wasps that have a nest underground or on a tree branch.

Our job is to not only effectively remove the wasp nest and the wasps with it, but to do it in the safest and most professional manner possible. On the day of your appointment, our wasp removal specialists will let you know more about the approach they'll take for your particular case.

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Wasp Nest Removal Dartford FAQs

We understand the level of inconvenience you may be facing if there is a wasp nest nearby, especially if you run a business or have children and pets that live on your property. So, if you want to hire a pest control service to solve your wasp nest problem as soon as possible, please reach out to us. Our wasp removal specialist will help you find a time and date that works for you to remove your nest and solve your wasp problems for good.

If you are dealing with more than one wasp nest on your property, don't worry. Our wasp nest removal services are suited to handling and resolving your wasp problems no matter how big or challenging they are. Please get in touch with our wasp control team and let them know the specifics so they can come prepared.

It's always a smart idea to stay as far away from the wasp nest as you can while waiting for the wasp control treatment. However, if the wasps' nest is situated in close proximity to where you live or work, you can't always avoid it 100%. In such a case, we recommend that you either wear protective or long sleeve clothing. That way, the wasps will have a harder time stinging you should they decide that you are a threat. We also recommend that you apply insect-repellent spray on your exposed skin.