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Handling a wasp nest on your own, especially if you have no protective clothing and experience in dealing with wasps is a dangerous endeavour many shy away from. And rightfully so. A wasp sting is not only painful but if you are allergic, it can lead to anaphylaxis, which is a life-threatening allergic reaction.

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Over the last several years, as a team and a company, we've really prioritised what's important for our customers - effective wasp nest removal, quick response, and helpful advice. As a result of our hard work and dedication, we have built a reputation that we're all immensely proud of.

And thanks to the community's general opinion of our wasp nest removal service in the Ashford area, we are busier and more recognised than ever before. Despite our growth in popularity amongst the residential and commercial community of Ashford, our promise to you remains the same - deliver exceptional service, no matter what.

Effective Wasp Nest Removal for Residential & Commercial Properties

Whether you live in a quiet and secluded part of Ashford or own a leading retail business that serves food to the local population, the truth is that no one is safe from a wasp infestation. That's why we've loyally served both the residential and commercial community of Ashford over the years and have helped them overcome their wasp problem with minimal disruption.

We have dealt with a wide variety of wasp infestations, including hornet nests, which are bigger, and their inhabitants are more dangerous. However, our trained and experienced staff have all the experience, protective gear, and equipment to safely and humanely deal with even more than one nest if they had to.

How Our Wasp Control Specialists Remove Wasp Nests

The wasp nest removal process our wasp controllers follow on the day of your appointment will depend on the species of wasps you're dealing with and the size & location of the wasp nest. What's important to consider is that our staff that specialise in nest removal in Ashford don't make use of any chemicals to establish pest control.

Our practices are 100% safe for all people, animals, and insects that live in the area. With that said, it's still worth mentioning that our wasp removal services are 100% effective in the removal of wasp nests and the wasps that inhabit them.

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Wasp Nest Removal Ashford FAQs

Our wasp nest removal specialists will remove your wasp nest in the safest and least destructive way possible. The approach we take will vary depending on the size and the location of the nest.

For example, if the nest is situated underground, we will first remove all or as many of the wasps as we can before we dig the nest out. That way, there will be far fewer wasps in the air when we begin removing the nest.

If the nest is on a tree branch, the process will involve removing the nest at the base that is attached to the branch and putting it in a mesh bag. After that, all of the wasps that are flying around will be caught using a small fishing net. On the day of your appointment, our team will let you know how your particular wasp nest will be removed.

Though the process our staff follows when removing a wasp nest is considered very safe, we advise that you still keep your distance. This is only because some wasp species are rather aggressive and the last thing we want is for them to seek revenge on people or pets nearby immediately after the removal of their nest. Prior to beginning the wasp nest removal service, our team will brief you on all safety measures that will take place.

Our wasp nest removal specialists are quite busy, especially during the summer months, which is when wasps start to nest. We are prepared though, and the turnaround time for our wasp nest removal services is short enough so you don't need to wait for long. To find out more about the availability of our wasp control services, please get in touch with us today.