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The average wasp nest in Hastings during late summer can house over a thousand wasps at any one time. And if the wasp nest is on or inside your property, you are bound to face a lot of trouble and have your day-to-day life affected.

The Dangers of Active Wasp Nests For Residents and Businesses

A small and controlled wasp population can be very beneficial for farmers and residents in Hastings who have a garden and grow their own crops. However, when a wasp nest is out of control, the drawbacks are incomparable to the benefits. Some of the biggest dangers you will face when a wasps' nest on your property is thriving include:

  • Increased risk of getting attacked, stung, and having an allergic reaction
  • Damage to all wooden elements around your property
  • Displacement of the local honey bee population
  • Reduced customer satisfaction, food contamination, and eventual loss of revenue

Signs Active Wasp Nests Give That You Should Pay Attention To

If there's an active wasp nest on your property, knowing that you have a problem is fairly straightforward. If you suspect that there is a wasp nest on your property, listen and look out for:

  • Constant buzzing sounds coming from one direction, such as your loft
  • Wooden elements around your property that have been chewed up and deformed
  • An abnormally high number of wasps flying around your property

How Our Wasp Nest Removal Service Works

Once you contact our wasp nest removal experts, you will receive a free quote for our pest control services, which will be inclusive of the call-out fee. If you're happy with it, we will book an appointment at a time that best suits your needs. On the day of the appointment, our wasp removal specialists will turn up with all the protective clothing, gear, and equipment they need to successfully remove the wasp nest from your property.

First, they will locate the wasp nest and identify the species of wasps that live in it. Then, they will draw up a plan of action and give you a safety briefing before getting to work. It's important to mention that our approach to removing wasps' nests and their inhabitants is humane and 100% safe for everyone around. We don't use any harmful chemicals or spray pesticides that can affect your pets or the local ecosystem.

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Wasp Nest Removal Hastings FAQs

Unless you have all of the protective clothing you need and have prior professional experience dealing with the removal of wasp nests, we don't recommend it. Once you try to remove the wasp nest, you will be attacked by a large number of its inhabitants and will get stung pretty badly. What's more, some wasp species won't even wait for you to get close by. Instead, they will coordinate an attack without feeling threatened.

It's best to leave the wasp nest removal job to our wasp control specialists. They are not only experienced but also fully equipped to handle the wasp nest removal process and make it safe for everyone around.

To find the exact availability of our wasp nest removal specialists in Hastings, East Sussex, and the surrounding area, please get in touch with us today. Generally speaking, we can respond to your enquiry the same day or a day in the future that best works for you, even during the high season.

Though our service will take complete care of the wasp nest and the wasps that inhabit it, we can't promise that another wasp nest won't appear in the future. Fortunately, wasps don't just nest anywhere. They are very particular in their choice of location. With that in mind, there are many things you can do to minimise wasps from nesting on your property again, including:

  • Replace any existing wasp nests on your property with dummy wasp nests
  • Seal all gaps around the exterior of your property
  • Don't let food (especially if it is sweet) outside where wasps can easily reach it
  • Regularly clean the surfaces where food is handled