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During the peak of summer, an active wasp nest can house over a thousand wasps. And as you can imagine, dealing with such a high number of flying insects willing to die to protect what's theirs is not a fun experience. We always advise that you remove the wasp nest before the problem grows bigger and you start to suffer the real consequences of a thriving wasp nest on your residential or commercial property.

Reasons Why Wasp Nest Removal is Always Recommended

Though a healthy population of wasps can be beneficial (they can keep flies and other insects under control), once the wasp nest inevitably grows, the drawbacks will far outweigh the pros. There are many reasons why residents and commercial property owners in Leatherhead opt for our services and have their wasp nests removed, including:

  • Reduce the risk of getting attacked and stung
  • Prevent damage to their property
  • Use their property without worrying about the wasps
  • Eliminate the risk of food contamination and the spread of diseases

When you hire our specialists, during the same visit, they won't only solve your pest problem but will give you advice on how to prevent a wasp colony from nesting on your property in the future.

Signs There's a Wasp Nest Nearby

With years of experience in establishing wasp control in Leatherhead, a few signs have stood out the most to us that will tell you if you have an active wasp nest on your property. These include:

  • Buzzing sounds coming from one particular area such as your cavity wall.
  • Wooden elements that appear to have been chewed away.
  • Wasps coming in and out of the same place.
  • A noticeable increase in wasp activity since a few weeks ago.

The second you notice any of the above-mentioned signs, it's highly recommended that you get in touch with our specialist to remove the wasp nest for you. Our experts from the Leatherhead area provide wasp control services for both residential and commercial customers, so don't hesitate to reach out.

How Our Wasp Control Service in Leatherhead Works

When you contact our wasp removal specialists, based on your case of wasp infestation, you will get a free competitively-priced quote. In some cases, we may even offer discounts. If you're happy to proceed, the next step is to find a time and day that works best for you when we can carry out our service.

At the time and day of your appointment, our team will arrive on your property with all the necessary tools and equipment they need for the job. First, they will locate the nest and the species that reside in it before removing it.

We want to mention that our wasp control treatment is 100% humane and safe for everyone around, including your pets and other insects. This is because we won't have your property treated with harsh chemicals that have a long-lasting impact on the local ecosystem.

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Wasp Nest Removal Leatherhead FAQs

We always try our best to see all of our customers on the same day. If this is not possible due to our service being in extremely high demand, we will find a day and time that best works for you. To find out about our availability today and in the coming days, please get in touch with us as soon as possible.

Many wasp pest control companies in Leatherhead use wasp control treatments such as chemicals and pesticides. These can be extremely harmful not only for other insects such as bees but for humans and pets too. Our professional service is delivered manually, without the use of any chemical substances that can harm you, your pets, or the local ecosystem.

Our best bit of advice is to stay as far away from the wasp nest as possible during the removal. When we remove the wasp nest, the wasps will get irritated, and they'll start to attack everyone in close proximity to the nest with the goal of protecting what's theirs.

If you are keen on watching the wasp nest removal service take place, let our team know on the day and they will tell you if that's possible. If the nest is outside on a tree, you can keep your distance while watching our guaranteed wasp control service take place.