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Bee nests are a regular occurrence for residential and commercial property owners in Maidstone, especially during the summer. So if you think you're one of the unlucky ones - you're not. What's more important is that as soon as you notice that there is a bee nest on your property, you should hire a professional to take care of it.

Dangers of Honey Bees & Why We Get Rid of Them

When a bee nest gets out of control, it can go from being a nuisance to being straight up dangerous to be around. Fortunately, you don't need to experience what a thriving bee nest can bring to the table if you get it removed soon.

Sadly, a lot of people neglect their bee nest, and experience the dangers that come with it first hand. If you don't get rid of the bee's nest and resolve your pest problem, the dangers and risks you may face include:

  • Increased chance of getting attacked and stung by the bees
  • The infested part of your property will become unsafe to be around
  • If you're allergic to bees, a single bee sting can be fatal
  • A bee nest on your business premises can lead to the loss of revenue

Benefits of Hiring Trifecta for Your Bee Nest Removal

The core benefit of hiring our pest control services is that we will take complete care of your bee nest and its inhabitants. You don't need to be involved during any stage of the removal process. Aside from that, however, there are a number of additional benefits our customers have been enjoying over the years. These include:

  • Complimentary advice on how to prevent bees from nesting on your property in the future
  • You don't need to spend your hard-earned money on buying tools, equipment, or protective clothing
  • Our pest control service is fast, effective, safe, and 100% humane
  • We don't use any harsh chemicals with lingering effects when removing your bees

Our Bee Nest Removal Process in Maidstone

Upon arriving at your property, our team will first figure out exactly where the bee nest is located on your property. Then, they'll identify the species of bees you're dealing with. Following the initial assessment, a plan of action will be created after which, our team will get to work.

The pest control work typically takes around an hour. Please note that to resolve your pest problems, our team won't make use of any chemical or pesticides that may cause you or anyone around an allergic reaction.

Following the bee nest removal process, our team will give you some further guidance on what you can do to prevent future bee infestations.

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Don't let your bee nest impact your day-to-day life or business operations. Contact us today and let our team remove it for you.

Bee Nest Removal Maidstone FAQs

Yes, it is 100% legal to get rid of bees and their nests in the Maidstone area. If you feel like it's morally wrong to get rid of these flying pests, then you should hire a professional bee removal specialist who can get rid of them in a humane way. At Trifecta, this is one of our guarantees.

When you hire us, yes, you can start using your property as soon as we leave your property. We can't say that this will be possible if you go with any other bee nest removal specialist from Maidstone. The reason we can guarantee this is because we don't use any toxic chemicals that have lingering effects that you need to stay away from for a couple of days.

At Trifecta, it only takes our experts a single visit and no more than an hour to resolve your bee problem. During our visit, we will remove the nest and every single bee that is part of the colony. Please note that in some cases, the bee removal process can take a little longer (such as if the bee nest is located in an awkward place inside your property like your cavity walls).