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Dealing with a thriving beehive can be stressful and pretty dangerous. And since beehives grow in size every 5-8 days, it's essential that you act fast if you notice that you have one on your property. If neglected, some of the consequences you may end up suffering from include:

  • Getting attacked and stung by multiple bees
  • Developing an allergic reaction, which can be fatal
  • Putting your family or customers at unnecessary risk
  • Disruption to your day-to-day life
  • Your business may lose customers and revenue due to the nuisance created by a nearby beehive

Signs There's a Beehive on Your Property

The most surefire way to know if you have a beehive on your property is to see it with your own eyes. Granted, not all bees nest out in the open. In fact, the large majority of bees around Dorking and the Surrey area prefer to nest indoors in areas such as your attic space and cavity walls.

There, their colony will be protected both from predators and the harsh weather conditions England has to offer. If you can't see your beehive out in the open, there are some other signs you can look and listen for, including:

  • A muffled but constant buzzing sound coming from a single direction
  • Traces of beeswax nearby the area where you suspect the beehive to be
  • Bees flying in and out of the same place, such as the roof of your property

Reasons Why People Remove Beehives

Unless you're a beekeeper, there's little to no benefit of having an active beehive on your property. That's why many residents and businesses in the Dorking area get rid of any bee colony that decides to nest on their property. Based on our vast experience working with a variety of clients from all over Dorking, people remove their beehives for a number of reasons, including:

  • Minimise their chances of getting attacked and stung by a bee
  • Minimise their chances of suffering allergic reactions and putting their health at risk
  • They run a business, and bees are a major nuisance and safety hazard for their customers
  • The bees are disrupting the peace and their day-to-day life
  • Their pet or someone in the family is allergic to bees

How Our Pest Control Service in Dorking Works

At the time of your appointment, our beehive removal specialists will arrive on your site with all the tools and equipment they'll need for the job. As part of the service, our specialists will conduct an initial assessment, which will include locating the beehive and identifying the species of bees that inhabit it.

In accordance with their findings, they'll draw up a plan of action to safely, effectively, and humanely remove both the nest and its inhabitants. Then, they'll get to work. The entire service shouldn't take more than an hour. With that said, since we like to focus on the details and really deliver a great service, in some cases, it may take a little longer. You'll be made aware of every step our team decides to make.

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Bee Nest Removal Dorking FAQs

Yes, our services cover both residential property owners and commercial businesses. It's also worth mentioning that we cover any and all cases of bee infestation, so whether you have one or multiple bee hives that you need removing, we can get them removed for you.

That would depend on the time of year and the availability of our specialists. During the summer months, our services are in the highest demand, meaning you may need to book a day or two in advance. However, in some cases, our experts can come out to your property on the very same day of your enquiry. To find out what our exact availability is for today and the next couple of days, please either call us on 01293 365140 or e-mail us at

No, our bee removal process is 100% safe for everyone involved, including your pets and any other insects that live in the area. This is only possible because unlike most bee and wasp nest removal service providers, we don't use any harmful chemicals or harsh pesticides.

Instead, we do everything manually, like the good old days. This allows us to not only remove the beehive and 100% of the honey bees on your property but allow you to start using your property as you normally would right after our visit.