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Despite the fact that honey bee nests and their inhabitants play a crucial role in our ecosystem, sometimes, they can be quite a nuisance. This is why many people remove them before they grow and get out of control. Unfortunately, people who don't have proper experience in dealing with bees in Epsom and the surrounding area often just let them be and suffer the consequences as a result.

Dangers of Neglecting an Active Bee Nest

Neglecting an active bee nest is one of the biggest mistakes people, business owners, and even Surrey beekeepers make every year. As you may or may not know, in an active bee nest, a new set of bees hatch every 5-8 days.

So the longer you keep the bee nest, the bigger problems you may face down the line. Based on previous conversations with customers who decided to neglect their bee nest, if you don't remove the nest on time, you can expect:

  • An increased risk of getting attacked and stung (when the bees feel threatened)
  • Increased health risks, such as allergic reactions leading to difficulty breathing, rapid heartbeat, and death (for those allergic to bees)
  • If you're a business, bees can bother your customers and cause them to leave
  • A large number of bees can render your property unsafe to use

How to Tell if There’s a Bee Nest on Your Property

Similarly to wasp nests, most bee nests are neatly tucked away in secluded areas such as your cavity walls. This makes figuring out if you have a bee nest on your property much more difficult. If you believe that's the case with you, some of the signs that'll help you find an answer include:

  • Constant buzzing noises that come from one specific place
  • You start seeing more bees than usual around your property
  • There are traces of beeswax near where you think the honey bees are nesting
  • You can clearly see bees flying in and out of the same place

Our Bee Nest Removal Process

Unlike most pest control companies, at Trifecta, we always strive to deliver not only an effective and minimally disruptive service, but one that is also humane and safe for everyone involved. We can do this because rather than using toxic chemicals or pesticides, we use our hands.

Upon arriving at your property, our team will locate the nest and identify the species of bees that inhabit it. This will help them make the bees' nest removal process smoother for everyone, including the bees.

Following the successful removal of your bee nest, our bee technicians will give you some advice on how to deal and prevent future bee infestations.

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Bee Nest Removal Epsom FAQs

Yes, our team is always readily available to respond to any bee infestation our customers may have in and around the Epsom area. Please call us on 01293 365140 or e-mail us at to find out exactly when our bee nest removal specialists can come out to you and take care of the flying pests and their nest.

For most people, bee stings can be quite painful and lead to swelling. For others, such as people who are allergic to bees, a single bee sting can be fatal. While not all allergic people die from bee stings, a sting from a bee can lead to difficulty breathing, rapid heartbeat, and even an anaphylactic shock. This is why it’s crucial to call a bee removal specialist the second you suspect that you have a bee nest on your property.

Bee nest removals can be quite interesting, especially if you’ve never seen one before. While you can definitely watch our team remove the bee nest from your property, we highly advise you to do so with caution. Bees can get agitated during the removal process, which puts you at high risk of getting stung. This is why it’s best for you to stay inside and away from the nest during the removal process.