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Do you suspect or know that there's a bee nest on your property? Don't worry. Bee nests, especially during the summer, are a pretty common occurrence. Hundreds of residents and business owners all over Lancing deal with a bee infestation every year. Unfortunately, some wait until it's too late. That's why we recommend everyone dealing with honey bee swarms to get them removed professionally as soon as possible.

Honey Bees and the Danger They Can Expose You to if Neglected

The level of danger you will be exposed to if you have an active bee nest on your property will depend on how big the bee colony is. The bigger the nest and the colony, the greater the danger you'll face. Based on our customer's past experience, if you don't remove the bee nest soon, you may face:

  • An increased chance of health problems such as getting an anaphylactic shock
  • If you're allergic to bees, a single sting can be fatal
  • Bees can render parts of your property uninhabitable and greatly affect your day-to-day life
  • A bee infestation can lead to food contamination
  • If you're running a business, you may end up losing customers and revenue

Signs of an Active Bee Nest

Bees, just like wasps, are not great at keeping to themselves. As a result of that, if you know what to look for, it's pretty easy to know if you have an active bee nest on your property. Having dealt with bees for a long time, we recommend you to pay attention to the following four signs:

  • A buzzing sound coming from one place
  • You're noticing an abnormal increase in bee activity since a few weeks ago
  • You can see traces of beeswax around where you think the nest is
  • You can see bees flying in and out of the same place

How Our Bee Nest Removal Service in Lancing Works

To hire our pest control specialists, please reach out to us on 01293 365140 or e-mail us Once we've had a chat about your case of bee infestation, we can give you a competitively priced quote for our services. If you're happy with the given quote and want to move forward, we'll find a time and date when we can come out and remove your bee hive.

Upon arrival, our team won't waste any time. First, they'll figure out the exact location of the bee nest and determine the species of bees you have on your property. That information will help them decide on the best course of action.

The bee removal service takes around 60 minutes, and before it commences, you'll be asked to step aside. We do that for safety reasons. Following the removal of your bee nest, you'll be given some further information on how to prevent and deal with a future bee swarm should one decide to nest on your property in the future.

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Don't wait to get stung to take action. Call us on 01293 365140 and get your bee nest & its inhabitants removed at your earliest convenience.

Bee Nest Removal Lancing FAQs

If you need your beehive removed as soon as possible, please contact us at 01293 365140 or as soon as possible. We will always try to accommodate every one of our clients as best as we can, so the sooner we hear from you, the sooner we can come and remove your honey bee nest.

Please try to stay as far away from the beehive as you can. Generally speaking, most bee species don't attack unless they feel threatened. So, in many cases, keeping your distance should be enough.

However, if your bee nest is inside your property or an area that you have to visit regularly, use an insect repellent spray, wear long-sleeve clothing, and have a plan of action should you get attacked by the bees.

Unless you actively take action against them, chances are that a different colony may come back and nest on your property in the future. Following our service, our bee removal specialists will give you a couple of tips on what you should do to make your property undesirable to future bee colonies looking to nest in the area.