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If you suspect a beehive on your property, you need to get it removed as soon as possible. Beehives grow in size every five to eight days, so the longer you leave it, the bigger it will get. Sadly, so will the problems that come with it. Some of the issues you'll likely face include:

  • Increased risk of getting attacked and stung
  • A single sting from a bee can lead to health problems, allergies, and even death
  • An active beehive on your business premises can impact your employees or customers, and lead to loss of revenue

Common Signs You Have a Bee Nest on Your Property

Certain species of worker bees in the UK nest outdoors. As a result, the only real sign you need is being able to physically see the nest with your own eyes. Unfortunately, due to the poor weather conditions typically associated with the UK, not all bees nest outdoors.

In fact, many prefer to nest in sheltered locations such as your attic space, cavity wall, and other parts of your property. In such a case, telling if you have a beehive is a little more tricky. So, the signs you need to look for if you suspect your beehive to be indoors include:

  • Bees flying in and out of the same location
  • Traces of beeswax around your property
  • A constant buzzing sound coming from one place

Please note that the above are just some indicators you should pay attention. You should never go and look for the beehive on your own. The bees will attack you if they feel threatened so its best to avoid them as much as possible.

Benefits of Hiring Our Professional Beehive Removal Company

The first and most obvious benefit to hiring a honey bees professional include the fact that you don't need to risk your own wellbeing to remove the beehive. The entire beehive removal process will be done for you. With that said, there are some other pretty major but overlooked benefits that come with our pest control service. These include:

  • Fast, reliable, and minimally disruptive delivery of our service
  • You don't need to buy any tools, equipment, or protective clothing (we have everything)
  • You don't need to clear up the area where the beehive is or need to know the exact location of it
  • We will remove your bee colony in the most humane way possible
  • Our guaranteed treatments are not harmful to people, pets, or other insects that live in the area
  • You will get free advise on dealing with future cases of bee infestation

How Our Bee Nest Removal Services Work

In order to take advantage of our beehive removal services in the Leatherhead area, please reach out to us either by calling us on 01293 365140 or by emailing us at Once we've discussed your needs, you'll be given a free, no-obligation quote. If you're happy with the price, the next step will be to book you in at a time and day that best works for you.

On the day of your appointment, our beehive removal technicians will arrive on your property and get to work. First, they'll determine the exact location of the beehive and the species of bees that live in it.

Once that is done, they will begin with the removal of the beehive and the honeybees flying around. The service will finish when the last bee has bee captured, which shouldn't take more than an hour.

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Bee Nest Removal Leatherhead FAQs

As one of the most reputable and well established local bee nest removal companies, we've made sure that everyone, including our own staff are fully insured. That way, not only are they protected but so are you during the delivery of our bee removal service.

In some cases, a same day nest removal in Leatherhead and the surrounding area is possible. Please note that this is subject to availability and greatly depends on how busy our specialists are with our other customers. To find out if our team can come out to your property today and to check their availability for the coming days, please call us on 01293 365140 or email us at as soon as possible.

Yes, you can. In fact, we recommend that you take the natural route as opposed to spraying around your property with harmful insecticides. These will not only affect the bees, but also your pets and other insects that live in the area. The best ways to naturally maximise your chances of preventing bees from coming back include:

  • Replace any active bee nests with a dummy wasp nest (bees don't nest near wasps)
  • Strip away the bees from all essential resources they need, such as food and water
  • Regularly clean all surfaces where you deal with food
  • Never leave out garbage or food in easily accessible places for longer periods of time