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Bee nests affect hundreds of home and business owners across Guildford every year. Each case we deal with is relatively unique, but they all share one thing in common; those who get rid of their bee nest sooner rather than later have a much easier time than those who don't. So, if you have a bee nest - whether it's in your wall cavity, loft spaces, or outdoors, get it removed. You can thank us later.

Why Removing Honey Bees Is the Right Thing to Do

Bees are very important for the environment. They play a crucial role in pollinating plants and supporting our ecosystem. However, there are times when bees and their nests can expose the public to a number of health risks. In such a situation, it’s best to remove the honey bee nest as a whole.

That said, it’s also important to ensure that you remove the bee nest as responsibly and humanely as possible. When you do this, you ensure that the bees’ well-being is safeguarded and the bees are still free to pollinate plants and support our ecosystem for a long-time to come.

You should also never try to take care of the bees yourself. Not all bees are friendly, and when they feel threatened, they will attack and sting you. That's why our specialists always wear the correct protective clothing and use the right tools and equipment when dealing with bees.

Signs That Honey Bees Are Nesting on Your Property

Just because there are a couple of bees flying around, that doesn't mean you have an active bee nest on your property. That's why, it can be quite tough for someone to determine if they have a bee problem that they need to address. So, if you suspect that you have a bee nest on your property, look and listen out for:

  • A constant buzzing sound coming from one direction
  • Bees are actively flying in and out of the same place all the time
  • The number of bees you start to see around is increasing on a weekly basis
  • There are signs of beeswax around where you think the bee nest is located

How Our Pest Control Service in Guildford Works

Our bee nest removal service is always tailored to our customer's case of bee infestation. This is because bees from the natural world don't always nest in identical locations, meaning we always need to change our approach. That way, we can guarantee that our bee nest removal service will not only resolve your bee problem but that the bees are removed safely and in the most humane way possible.

To book our bee nest removal specialists, you need to get in touch with us either by calling us on 01293 365140 or by e-mailing us at Once we've had a chat, we'll give you a competitively priced quote for our service. And if you want to move forward with us, we'll book you into our calendar.

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Bee Nest Removal Guildford FAQs

On average, our Guildford bee control specialists can remove the nest and the bees within the space of an hour. With that said, please note that this isn't always possible, especially if the nest is of significant size and is located in an awkward location, such as your attic space or cavity walls. Following the initial inspection of our pest controllers, they'll give you a more accurate time frame for your particular case.

No, you don't need to do anything prior to removing your bee colony. Please keep your distance from the nest as much as you can until our pest control specialists arrive on your property and remove the honeybees. The last thing we want is for you or anyone around you to get stung and suffer the consequences.

Following the bee's nest removal, there is a chance that a different colony of Guildford bees will come across your property and decide to nest on it in the future. Fortunately, there are a number of steps you can take to make your property undesirable for future honey bee swarms looking for a place to call home. We recommend that you:

  • Remove the existing bee nest and replace it with a dummy wasp nest
  • Strip away bees from all essential resources they can find on your property (food and water)
  • Inspect the outside of your property and plug any holes worker bees can use to get inside