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A thriving bee nest is not fun to be around. In the beginning, it can be a mere nuisance, but once it grows out of control, it can become extremely dangerous to be around. That's why we always recommend our customers to get rid of their bee nests as soon as they notice them.

Dangers of Neglecting an Active Beehive

Neglecting an existing bee nest is never a good idea. Bee nests, similar to wasp nests, grow in size every 5-8 days. In other words, every week that you don't get the bee hive removed, the bee colony is getting bigger, and so are the dangers that they can expose you to. Some of the problems you may face if you don't remove your bee nest (based on our customer's experiences) include:

  • Greatly increase your chances of getting attacked and stung multiple times
  • Bees can contaminate any food you may have out in the open
  • Cause you to lose customers and revenue (if you're a business)
  • Greatly disrupt your day-to-day life
  • Honey bees can make the entire area around their nest unsafe and unusable

Signs Honey Bees Are Nesting on Your Property

There are three main signs we recommend you to look out for. These include an increased bee activity on your property, you can see traces of beeswax around, and you can clearly see the nest out in the open. If you suspect that the nest is in a secluded area, you should:

  • Listen out for a constant buzzing sound coming from one direction
  • Check if there are bees flying in and out of the same place

Bees are not the best at keeping to themselves, so if you have a bee nest around, 9 out of 10 times, you will know. That said, it's crucial that you don't try and go looking for the bee nest. Let our team take care of that. The last thing we want is for you to put yourself at the risk of getting stung and suffer the consequences.

Our Beehive Removal Process in Eastbourne

Each case of bee infestation is slightly different, and because of that, our process may vary from customer to customer. However, a few things stay the same. These include:

  • Our honey bee removal process is always safe and humane
  • We never use chemicals or pesticides
  • We will always remove the bees and their nest in the least disruptive way possible

Once the nest and the pests are removed, our experts will give you some guidance on how to deal with future bee infestations and how to avoid them.

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Bee Nest Removal Eastbourne FAQs

Yes, our bee pest control services cover everyone in and around Eastbourne that has a bee problem. Whether you're the owner of an ice cream truck or a normal resident of the area, we've got you covered.

That would depend on the availability of our team. If you're contacting us during the summer months, chances are that we're pretty busy already. That said, we always try to accommodate all of our customers no matter what.

So, to get a better idea of when we can come out to your property and resolve your pest problem, please contact us today. You can do that by calling us at 01293 365140 or e-mailing us at

Yes, they are. This is because rather than using toxic chemicals and harsh insecticides, we rely on our very hands. That way, not only will your beehive be removed, but no one, including your pets and other insects that live in the area will be harmed as a result.