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Rat infestation is a serious problem that tens of thousands of households and businesses deal with each year. And according to the British Pest Control Association (BPCA), due to the rapidly increasing rat population in the UK, far more residential and commercial properties will soon be affected.

Needless to say that Rat activity within the home can be a distressing time for homeowners and commercially damaging for business owners not to mention a health and safety issue that could pose a liability risk.

If you are already affected by rats in one way or another, don't worry. There's plenty our professional rat control service can do to help you deal with the problem once and for all.

Dangers of a Rat Infestation

Residential Properties

Having rats in or around the property you and your family call home can be a very unpleasant experience. And even if you don't deem the issue to be particularly troubling, below, you can have a quick read of the dangers of rat infestation and what it can lead to if it's not dealt with immediately.

  • Rats chew through everything, and as a result, they can cause structural damage to your home. This includes walls, insulation, electrical wires, and other aspects of your property

  • They will bring all the nasty smells, diseases, and bacteria from outside inside your home.

  • They are notorious for nesting in walls, which will result in creating a lot of scratching noises at any hour of the day

  • Rat droppings and the rat population in your home will continue to grow, and the problem will only get worse

Commercial Businesses

Having rats on your business premises is a major health and safety hazard for your customers and employees that needs to be addressed immediately and as a priority. This is especially relevant if your business deals with foods and beverages.

The failure to find a timely solution to your rat problems can be devastating to your business. If a rat is seen in your business, your reputation could risk being tarnished leading to a potential loss of revenue. Not only that, but if your business is reported or goes through a sudden inspection, you may get a large fine, get sued, or even have your business permanently shut down with immediate effect.

Our Rat Control Service is 100% Effective Against All Rat Species

Recognising that you have a rat problem is the first step forward in the right direction. And now that you are here, we'd like to introduce you to our rat removal services, which are 100% effective in dealing with rat populations of all sizes.

Here is a snippet of the process our professional pest management company follows to get rid of rats.

  • Our trained and experienced pest control specialists will thoroughly inspect your premises before drawing an effective plan of action

  • Once the pest control team knows what they are dealing with, they will get to work using the latest and most effective methods and techniques

  • They will give you practical and helpful advice in controlling rats moving forward

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Rat Exterminators FAQs

Rats don't lurk around without reason. In the large majority of cases, rats are attracted to compost, organic food waste, pet food, and bird seeds. However, there are other reasons why rats might appear, such as:

  • Sources of water nearby

  • Sufficient space for a shelter

  • Poor sanitation

  • Convenient entry points

To control rats and prevent rat infestations in the future, it is essential that you know why rats appear in the first place and the steps you can take to prevent them from coming back. Some of the most common pieces of advice we give to our customers following our rat removal service include the following:

  • Keep your property clean and hygienic at all times

  • Store food properly and dispose of garbage that could attract rats as soon as possible

  • Seal all potential entry points around the property

  • If your property has a front or back yard, keep it tidy and clean (rats can reside in tall grass or piles of leaves and debris)

  • Set traps or use rat repellents

  • Keep a close eye on any signs of rat infestation

The two most populous rat species in the UK are brown rats and black rats. The brown rat is bigger in size and prefers to live in urban areas, while the black rat prefers to live near the coast.

At Trifecta Pest Solutions, we can effectively deal not only with black and brown rats but will all other rat species you may be dealing with.